Business Taxes


Maryann King, CPA is available to assist you with all your Accounting and Tax needs. We provide tax preparation for all entities: Partnerships, S Corps, C corps, Trusts, and Not for Profit’s. We keep abreast of any changes in the new tax laws that may affect your business and update management as to what changes may need to be implemented, so that your business can take advantage of all that is available to you.  Most of all, being able to take advantage of every tax deduction, tax credit or incentive for you to utilize in your business.


We offer quarterly and semiannual tax planning services, in order to keep you informed on where you stand on profitability and potential taxes. Our firm takes a proactive approach, by breaking it down, as to where the excessive spending is being done or where a liability of income tax is being generated. We can assist you in taking advantage of every expense available to you, so that we can limit your tax liability while increasing the profitability of your business.


Our firm can also assist you with your payroll tax returns, sales and franchise tax returns, as we are familiar with the sales and franchise rates in Florida and around the counties, as well as franchise requirements throughout the  United States.