Applications for Tax Exempt Status

Maryann King can assist you in obtaiing tax exempt status, by filing an application with the IRS to obtain recognition of tax exempt status under 501c3 and 501cA of the Internal Revenue Code. These applications are going to require all of the primary information regarding your organization, such as tax ID, articles of incorporation, by laws of the organization and establishing a board. These are just a few of the organization's documents that the Internal Revenue Service will be looking for.

A large part of your application will be requesting that you give a description on what your activities will be, what criteria you will be using to plan you’re fund raising and what will the related expenditures be once you begin operating.  Additionally, the IRS will request a 3 year projection of revenue and expenses which will include the current year and the next 2 proceeding years.

Once your application is filed, you will receive an acknowledgement or possibly a request for more information, as to what was already submitted. Finally, you will now wait for a determination letter from the IRS regarding whether your application has met the requirements of approval.

For assistance in this area or for more information, please feel free to contact our office.